Avinash Tiwari

Web Developer

Avinash has designed this website and now working on thesportmedia.com YouTube Channel.

Shashank Sharma

Article Judge

Shashank is a machine gun writer, he posts daily articles related to IPL 2022

Anurag Tiwari

Stories Finder

Anurag analysis all the articles and also create some engaging stories.

ShuShu Sharma

Viral Poster

ShuShu is one of the funniest men on thesportmedia.com team, he is also curious to post some viral topics.

Virat Patil

Statics Analysis

Virat is dedicated to solving all the technical issues related to thesportmedia.com.

Harris Sir

Debut Writer

Harris Sir, post all the trending articles regarding the sport.

Vikram Sinha


Football enthusiastic, will be post all the latest football-related articles.